A list of successful applicants is published on the NRF website at Application Outcomes – National Research Foundation (nrf.ac.za). In addition, if a student who has been successfully awarded a scholarship logs into their account on NRF Connect they will be able to see the status of their application on the Home page where the application resides.
The value of the scholarship that has been awarded to an awardee is indicated in the award or outcome letter which student will receive in the event of a successful application.
Unsuccessful applicants’ will receive “regret” letters from the NRF. These applicants’ are those that are eligible to receive an award, but not be awarded due to budget constraints. Should additional budget become available, applicants’ in this category may then be considered for funding. With respect to feedback from the review panel, this is up to the institution to manage as the institutions run the postgraduate application review process. Please enquire with your institution should you require reviewers’ feedback.