A range of bursaries and scholarships may be accessed by students. Some bursaries are administered by the Office of Research Development at the Nelson Mandela University, whilst others are administered and managed independently.

Notices and call information regarding bursary/scholarship opportunities are posted on the student and staff portals, on the MEMO (internal communique) as well as the Office of Research Development Facebook page.

Notices will contain information regarding who is eligible for a particular scholarship/bursary opportunity, what the closing date will be and how applications may be made. In some instances, the application form and other relevant documentation may be attached.

Office of Research Development Administered & Managed Bursaries/Scholarships

A host of bursaries and scholarships are administered and managed by the Office of Research Development. These bursaries and scholarships have different sources of funding and therefore different selection criteria.

Download the bursary booklet for more details.

Independent Applications:

These applications (as listed in the scholarship booklet)  should be posted directly to the donor. Students are responsible for making enquiries with the donor regarding the call for applications.

Contact Details

Enquiries regarding postgraduate (Honours, Master's and Doctoral) bursaries and scholarships can be made to:

Tel. +27 41 504 2538
Fax. +27 41 504 2778


Honours Funding (internal and external):

Ms Tozama Mnonopi 


Master's and Doctoral Funding (internal):

Ms Delene Gerber 


Master's and Doctoral (external):             

Mr Imtiaz Khan


Contact information
Mrs Delene Gerber
Postgraduate Internal Scholarships Co-ordinator
Tel: 27 41 504 4256

Ms Tozama Mnonopi
Postgraduate Admin Officer
Tel: 27 41 504 4344

Mr Imtiaz Khan
Tel: 27 41 504 4329

Funding Opportunities
2022 Postgraduate Bursary Booklet