Facilitator: Dr Andrew Kaniki has for the last 19 years been an Executive Director at the National Research Foundation (NRF). In his role as Executive Director for Knowledge Advancement and Support, he was responsible for supporting and advancing knowledge in all fields through funding; and managed the national and international, bi- and multi-lateral funded research programmes. Prior to joining the NRF, he was Professor of Information Science at the then University of Natal (now the University of KwaZulu Natal), he was an NRF C-rated researcher, and between 2000 and 2002 was Pro-Vice Chancellor and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at the same University. He also taught at the University of Zambia and worked as a Science Information Specialist at Carnegie-Mellon University, USA.


Target Group: This workshop is targeted at all Emerging Researchers and includes Postdoctoral Fellows, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Y–Rated Researchers and any academics who intend to apply for the NRF’s Thuthuka research grants; Black Academics Advancement Programme or nGAP Research Development Grants.


Background: Effective planning and management are essential for the success of research projects. A detailed research project plan is also an important aspect of a successful grant application. This interactive workshop will provide training on planning and managing research projects.

The workshop will focus on:

  • What constitutes research planning and research management;
  • How research projects can be developed, planned and managed to a successful outcome; and
  • Individual support for each participant to draft their own research plan and management guideline.

Additional Information: At the completion of the workshop, participants will know what constitutes research planning and research management. They will also draft their own research plan and management guideline.


This workshop is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) through the University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)


Workshop Information

14 May 2022


Online via MS Teams

Registration for this workshop is closed.

Please note: Only 15 participants can be accommodated at this workshop


Enquiries: Jadine Januarie