Facilitator: Dr Chantelle Clohessy completed her BSc (Mathematical Statistics and Physics), BSc Hons (Mathematical Statistics), MSc (Mathematical Statistics) and PhD (Mathematical Statistics) at Nelson Mandela University. Her research focus is in renewable applications and statistical techniques that are used to assess these applications. She is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Statistics at Nelson Mandela University, where she has been lecturing for 10 years.


Target Group: Postgraduate students


Background: This workshop will focus on the interpretation and statistical analysis in R and Excel. The focus on this workshop will be on providing candidates with statistical knowledge on how to preform descriptive statistical analysis and Inferential analysis. Attention will be given on how to interpret results and what pitfalls can be found when working with data. This workshop focusses on the statistical analysis and not the package that is used for the analysis.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Organising qualitative and quantitative data, including generating graphs
  • Measures of location (mean, media, mode)
  • Measures of dispersions (range, variance and standard deviation)
  • Measures of relative standard deviation (percentiles, quartiles box-whisker plot)
  • Probability distributions: Normal
  • Confidence intervals (mean and variance)
  • Hypothesis testing (mean, variance, large and small samples)


This workshop is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) through the University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)


Workshop Information

13-14 June 2023


To be confirmed

Registration for this workshop has closed.


Kindly note: The maximum capacity of this workshop is 20 participants.


Enquiries: Jadine Januarie