Researchers (staff and/or students) of currently active studies who determine that the discontinuation or closure of study is imminent for whatever reasons, are required to complete and submit a notification for the discontinuation/closure of the study.

For the discontinuation of a study and therefore the data collection for which ethics approval was granted, the discontinuation/closure report should be submitted no later than 1 month after reaching such a conclusion.  

For the imminent closure of a study, a closure report may be submitted on conclusion of data collection activities as long as it is known that no further interaction with participants will be conducted. An updated progress report (RECH-004), original signed approval letter and original approved application must be submitted with the closure report.


  1. Download the RECH-008 (Closure/Discontinuation Report) template.
  2. Researchers are required to familiarise themselves with the instructions and terminology provided on page 1 of the form.
  3. Complete the form in full.  Provide suitable responses to each item on the form.  Incomplete or incorrectly completed forms might result in a delay of the review and approval process.
  4. The Closure/Discontinuation report (RECH-008) must be supported by a current Progress Report (RECH-004) which can be downloaded from the Study Progress Report page. However, if a progress report has been submitted and approved within three months of the date of the closure report, the letter of approval for the progress report may be submitted instead.
  5. The completed Closure/Discontinuation Report (RECH-008), Progress Report (RECH-004), original signed approval letter and extension letter(s) (if applicable) and original approved application must be submitted to Mr Imtiaz Khan.