Facilitator: Dr Charmaine Williamson specialises in international funding and project co-operation for research and knowledge outcomes, with a particular focus on European Union (EU) and Members States of Europe partnerships with Southern African. She is an Alumnus of Nelson Mandela University (then UPE) and has continued her relationship with the university through now support postgraduate development and research capacity building. Alongside Mandela University, she currently works in Higher Education as an academic, researcher, supervisor/advisor, academic advisor, teacher and facilitator of researcher development programmes. She completed a Masters at Napier Edinburgh University, and then her Doctorate at UNISA, on strategies around international financing/resource mobilisation, using organisational strategy and complexity theories within the context of strategies of financing for development co-operation. Since 2004, Dr Williamson has focused on masters and doctoral education with special emphasis on research processes, qualitative methods and theoretical synergies within research studies. She publishes academically in her field and presents at a number of international conferences. She is Adjunct Faculty at the Universities of South Africa where she supervises and/or supports postgraduate throughput initiatives. Additionally, she is a Research Fellow at the University of South Africa.


Target Group: Nelson Mandela University Staff


Background: Knowledge of criteria for EU Grant Proposals. This would provide a detailed seminar on the latest developments in the gold standards of funding, best expressed through the rigours of EU funding: What funds are there and how to prepare for meeting the criteria of mainly Horizon Europe but also with reference to other EU funds.


The following topics will be covered:

  • Essentials principles of current research funding within the research funding landscape
  • Formulating the grant - Structure of grant funding templates: An overview with a focus on EU applications
  • Specific examples of research grant programmes: Focus on EU funding
  • Grant writing techniques


This workshop is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) through the University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)


Workshop Information

3-6 October 2023


Online via MS Teams

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Please note: Only 30 participants can be accommodated at this workshop


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