Postdoctoral and Research Fellowships

The Nelson Mandela University postdoctoral and research fellowships are intended to fund doctoral graduates and researchers, with the long-term view of renewing and replenishing the leading international researcher cohort to sustain the enterprise. Postdoctoral fellows are doctoral graduates who will enhance their post-PhD research training during the fellowship. Research fellows are emerging researchers who have completed a postdoctoral fellowship or have formal relevant research experience aligned to Nelson Mandela University’s institutional research themes.


New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP)

This programme aims to build a new generation of South African academics by nurturing young academic talent who are appointed as permanent employees within their institutions. Funded by the Department of Higher Education, it provides funding, mentoring and academic skills together with a reduced workload to ensure that appointed candidates have all opportunities to achieve a doctorate within the 6-year timeframe of the programme. 



NESP aims to identify postgraduate students with demonstrated academic ability who are interested in following an academic career and provide them with an attractive, structured study and development programme which will prepare them to apply for and take up an academic post at a South African public university.



There are various funding opportunities for emerging researchers/early career academics both external and internal to Nelson Mandela University.