Refund Requests on Balances in Student Accounts:

Students may withdraw the remaining balance in their student account once all tuition and residence fees, etc. have been settled.

Refunds are made by EFT (electronic fund transfer). All students must first have their banking details linked to the Nelson Mandela University system. Kindly liaise with student accounts to have this process done.

Once this has been done, a copy of your student account and the attached "refund request form" must be submitted to Mr Jolindon Petersen / Ms Tozama Mnonopi (Honours students) or Mrs Annette Denakie / Ms Silindile Malangeni (Masters and Doctoral students) each time that a refund is requested. Kindly note that The Office of Research Development cannot accept an EFT refund request until banking details are linked.

The Office of Research Development processes refund requests weekly. Students are requested to submit their refund request form to the Office of Research Development via email no later than 14h00 on a Tuesday. Should a refund request be submitted later than Tuesday, it will only be processed the following week.


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