Nelson Mandela University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (PGRS) are available for Honours, Masters and Doctoral students. Students are advised to also apply for bursaries from external sources, as the University Postgraduate Research Scholarship alone will not be adequate to cover all costs for the academic year. 

PGRS (Honours) 


  • All Honours disciplines;
  • Graduates from any University for full-time Honours study;
  • Full-time employed applicants are ineligible; 
  • Applicants who hold a previous Honours or BTech are ineligible;
  • Minimum 60% cumulative average from the previous degree;
  • Applicants who receive the NRF scholarship may not receive PGRS.

All Honours PGRS awards will be allocated in line with the following transformation targets: 90% South African citizens and Permanent residents; 10% students from SADC countries and from the rest of the world and 55% women.

Annual Value: The maximum funding per student will be R35 000, where the tuition cost will be covered in full and a once-off allowance of R7000 will be given up to the maximum amount. Therefore, a student with a tuition cost of R15 000 would have that covered and an addition of R7 000, making the award R22 000. If the tuition cost is R30 000, the allowance would be R5000. If tuition cost is R35 000, there will be no allowance.

Closing Date: To be advised (Please contact The Office of Research Development towards the end of October for further enquiries). A call will be sent out via MEMO and other social media platforms, where a link will be attached for starting an application.

PGRS (Masters and Doctoral Students) 


  • All fields of study;
  • Applications for Masters and Doctoral studies are invited from current PGRS holders (renewals), as well as from new applicants.
  • Applicants are strongly advised in their own interest to also apply for bursaries / scholarships from outside bodies wherever feasible (e.g. NRF and MRC, etc.).

The annual value for the PGRS Masters and Doctoral award is variable.

Closing Date: Please note that the closing date will be advertised on the Nelson Mandela University Notices on the Student Portal and the Office of Research Development Facebook Webpage.

Application Process

The call for applications for the Postgraduate Research Scholarship will be advertised via MEMO, on the Student Portal and on the Office of Research Development Facebook Page.

Once the call is open, applications are submitted online through the Postgraduate Research Scholarship application process.

Contact information
Office of Research Development

Frequently Asked Questions:

The PGRS FAQs section covers topics including:

  • documentation to be uploaded with the application
  • value of the award
  • expenses covered
  • eligibility
  • etc.