Facilitator: This workshop will be presented by Prof Gary Sharp, an academic in the Department of Statistics at Nelson Mandela University. Prof Sharp has many years of lecturing experience and has presented similar workshops over the years internally and externally.


Target Group: Masters and Doctoral Candidates. This course will suit candidates who have collected quantitative data for their research project and need guidance on how best to analyse the data.


Background: This workshop will introduce the audience to the statistical software, SPSS. The forerunner to SPSS dates back more than half a century. The software is a menu driven package with a vast array of analytical techniques. The programmed routines include basic topics through to advanced methods geared towards social science analytics.


Requirements: Candidates who attend this workshop are advised to be familiar with with basic inferential statistics and have exposure to linear regression of quantitative variables.


Workshop Outcomes:

  • Advanced regression modelling with emphasis on analysis of both quantitative and qualitative variables and in particular the effects of interaction
  • Model validation


This workshop is funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) through the University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)


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27 - 28 July 2022


Online via MS Teams

Registration for this workshop is closed.  

Kindly note: The maximum capacity of this workshop is 20 participants.


Enquiries: Jadine Januarie