• Research studies making use of human participants must apply for ethics approval through the relevant faculty structures.
  • For research studies making use of secondary data, the risk should be assessed using the process below.
  • Certain journals require ethics approval for publication purposes. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that they consult the journal's publishing policies before commencing a study without ethics approval, as retrospective approval cannot be granted.
  • Some faculties have their own guidelines with regards to the application for ethics approval. If you are in doubt, please engage with your faculty administrator and/or supervisor.
  • Failure to apply for ethics approval, when ethics approval is required, is in breach of the University's Research Ethics Policy.

The following will assist in the determination of risk:


Once downloaded, commence with completing form RECH-002.

As soon as at least one check is made in any of the 3 rightmost columns, an application for ethical review and approval is required.  It is then not required to complete any further items on the risk assessment form (a comprehensive risk assessment will be required as part of the application process).  

Students are advised to discuss the outcomes of the risk assessment, particularly a study that is deemed No Risk, with their supervisors.